How to Listen

Kite Line is a radio program and podcast broadcasting around the Midwest through our community radio station, WFHB. (

We focus on issues relating to prison and strive to tell the stories of those impacted inside and outside of prison walls.

In Southern Indiana, you can hear us at:

You can also hear us on community radio stations in:

-Carbondale, Illinois (On WDBX)

-Louisville, Kentucky (On Forward Radio)

-New Orleans, Louisiana (On WHIV)

-Richmond, Indiana (On WECI)

-Minneapolis, Minnesota (On KRSM)

-Columbus, Ohio (On WCRS)



You can find us on iTunes:

You can find us on PRX:

If you have an idea for a story or want to contact us to help with the show- please email us at kitelineradio (at) wfhb (dot) org.

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